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Debra Hewitt is the author of Chasing Your Dream: a Guided Journal and The Celebration Journal. She and her husband currently live in Virginia where she is working on a novel and some children's stories.

by Debra Hewitt

In just thirty days, this guided journal, full of inspiring quotations and unique prompts for each day, will help you discover what you really want from life. Maybe it's a new job. Maybe just time for something you loved to do as a child.It inspired S. to start auditioning after a 10-year break from the stage and C. to start baking again for family and friends.What will it inspire you to do? The answer is inside you. Let's coax it out. There's never been a better time to start Chasing Your Dream!

by Debra Hewitt

Whatever your circumstances, however far away your goal, there is always something in your life worth celebrating. This 90-day journal is designed to make sure it doesn't slip your notice. You'll receive daily reminders to record what you're grateful for and what you can celebrate.Daily tips provide encouragement as you work toward your goal, and this stylish journal makes filling in the blanks fun. Begin each day by reviewing your goal and writing an affirmation that will help you visualize your success. End each day with the self-assessment: How positive did I stay today? How productive was I today? Special check-ups every fifteen days provide opportunities to reflect on your progress.Use The Celebration Journal to finish a special project or boost your confidence during difficult times. Reap the rewards of your efforts in ninety days--any ninety days you choose.


My novel-in-progress is finally in third draft phase despite the long break between the first two drafts. (Funny how real life intervenes!)
But to tell you the truth, I just kept feeling like something was very wrong with the story as originally conceived. Now that I've finally ditched the parts that bothered me from the very beginning, I can see my way clear to finishing this book, and I feel like it's going to be so much stronger.If you'd like to receive an occasional newsletter from me about my publications and special offers, please click on UPDATES below.

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